5.march 2002.

Estonian Satanic Congregation “The Order Of Black Venus” was founded on 30. April 2001.

Jason became the bigwig of the foundation of OBV. He decided in November 1997 that satanism should be legalized in Estonia. The reputation of satanism in Estonia was rather negative, because of bad common knowledge and evil deeds done in the name of Satan by fake satanists fighting for media's attention. So there was a quite arduous job waiting for Jason.

Initially there was no plan to create an actual religious organization. First of all there was an idea to fix the reputation of satanism. That was the actual time and date when the idea of creating a strong organization, which would associate all Estonian satanists, began to grow and grow.

Before the founding of OBV came couple of years of work, which we can divide into 10 stages:

1. research on satanism

2. learning the new information, taking out all that's necessary and adjusting it to Estonian religious condition

3. procurement and translation of satanic literature

4. searching and gathering people interested in satanism

5. public notification of the foundation of OBV

6. adjusting the public opinion

7. finding out appropriate founders for OBV

8. the convocation of founding body

9. adjustment of priorities by founding body

10. development and elaboration of the constitution

Although there are many different forms of modern satanism – rational, occult, luciferian(there are more in the historian perspective), Jason thought that we shouldn't concentrate on only one form, but we should create an organization, which could embrace them all. There are rationalists, occultists, but also luciferians at the moment in OBV.

Media had a lot of attention fixed on the creation of the first Estonian satanic congregation. Many newspapers wrote articles on it and introduced Jason's views on satanism not being in reality the thing that many Estonians had thought it is this far.
Jason contradicted the public opinion that tomb-breakers, necrophiliacs, villains and killers are true-blue satanists. To prove that he brought into the open Anton Szandor LaVey's (1930 – 1997) “Church of Satan's” (created in 1966) principles - “9 Satanic Statements” and “11 Satanic rules” in the name of which no satanist honoring his religion could do such deed.

We have created a web page introducing satanism in association with EvilGenius, which is still being updated under a different domain name by other webmasters.
Jason's introducing job started to get some attention after many newspaper stories and performance in a TV show “Kahvel”. Hundreds and hundreds of people contacted Jason asking for more information on satanism and some wanting to join the congregation.

In the beginning of year 2001 it felt like it's the right time to finally create OBV. Jason sent everybody interested a letter in which he informed about the creation of OBV and asked everybody who wants to be in the founding body to reply and describe their visions concerning OBV. He picked out the most interesting replies and asked them to the first meeting of the founding body in a bar in Tallinn, where were decided the first priorities of the congregation and where was established the date of constitutive meeting – 30. April 2001 – Walpurgisnacht.

So the busy times began. In a short time we had to cast a politically correct constitution, which would work for registering the congregation in The Ministry of Interior. Here we would like to thank religion department chief Ilmo Au, who helped us greatly with compiling the constitution of OBV.

The founding body met again 30. April 2001 where we officially decided to create the first Estonian Satanic Congregation “The Order of Black Venus”.
Initially there were 14 members, who all signed the protocol of constitutive meeting.

The next step was the notarial confirmation of the constitution and the constitutive meeting protocol. If that was done, then there was nothing else than to file all necessary papers to the Ministry of Interior for registering the congregation.

Alas some disturbing matters occurred. We began getting signals that some faces in the government were certain to sabotage our registration process as much as they could. The information reached to us from different reliable sources and all hints referred to the same establishments and names, so we had all means to fear the worst. Estonian Security Police Board(SPB) and it's two workers who handle our registration matter were named as the main saboteurs. There supposed to be a file about our community and they are keeping an eye on our actions.

We took a “break” for some time and tried to found out what exactly is the SPB interested in. SPB contradicted all rumors about they having a file about us, but the move they lately made proved to us that the file exists with no question. Alas they are “looking for a black cat from a dark room, where is no cat” and because of that we sincerely feel sorry for their lost time and resources.

In the end of November 2001 we published in Estonian the heavy lifter of satanic teachings “The Satanic Bible”. It's selling with quite big success although some stores refused to sell it saying, that it's a “very bad book, which teaches how to put curses on somebody). Yes, well... what can you say...
The break-through in the registration process came in February 2002, when OBV's board meeting decided to finish the registration.
We filed all papers to the Ministry of Interior on 26. February 2002, who should reply in a month.