The membership fee of the “OBV” is 100 EEK (8 USD / 6.4 EUR / 4.3 GBP) per month.

Members who don't pay the fee for 3 months are currently suspended from all OBV's actions!

Though there are some admissions. Members who are dismissed from membership fee:
1. members younger than 18 years,
2. members older than 18, who are studying on daily basis at an educational establishment (if they wish for),
3. members who have filled out an application in case of a good reason (difficult financial situation) and if they have clearly showed how they can compensate not paying the fee.
4. members who have done remarkable favors for OBV.
All other members older than 18 years who don't pay the fee have to be useful (and show it) for OBV in some other way.
OBV is not a charity organization and it's clear that we do have some financial expenses which is why it's so important that all members would give some contributions to keep OBV in action.

We have met this far at each others homes and in need rented some spaces. We have fund raised the necessary money with one time payments. This kind of nowhere leading action will stop soon and we will have a correct and official system for collecting money, which is so to say actively being tried out right now. All money coming from our membership fee program are being directed to develop our actions. I can say that a big part of that money is going to be used for rent and finish our rooms.
Many have wrote and asked how can they help so they wouldn't have to pay the fee.
First of all, I'm asking cynically back “Is REALLY 100 kroons per month SUCH a big payment that you can't find it?”
OK! Let's say we explain believably why we don't have the money. But for certain we can't say for sure how else can you help OBV. That for we need every applicant to be the one, who says it themselves. I can give just some hints for the possibilities that are going through my head right now:

1. OBV is planning to rent rooms. Those rooms are probably going to need some work. We'll say that the money we need therefor is coming from the membership fee, but we certainly will need some physical help to do the actual work. So, that's for one.
2. The rooms of OBV are going to need thematical design. Including some wall- and other paintings. If you can paint WELL, then this is an opportunity.
3. If you have any other unmentioned abilities then please, come and say it out loud!
4. If you have any useful acquaintances which OBV could use then let us know and we'll think about it.
5. And here's the main thing! If you have any information on rooms or spaces that OBV could use and if that information is going to help us on getting them, then that's REAL welcome!
6. OBV is right now concentrated on translating. We are translating books, articles and else. I guarantee that the person, who's going to translate a book that we give then he's dismissed from the membership fee for life + he's going to get a procent of the book sales!
7. OBV can also use an educated musicman, who could provide us some fitting esoteric music, which we could use as a background for rituals. If you know how to make music (some certain talent is here unavoidable) then try, it can fit and you can get free of the membership fee.
8. Promo to the organization that's going to bring us new members would also be good and can bring some benefits on paying the fee.

Those are only some necessary things that ran through my mind. For certain there are more, but only you know those. Don't feel ashamed to present your ideas to others and ponder on is really 100 EEK per month so big of a deal...