PDF form application. (untranslated)

28 October 2004.

It's obvious, that our Congregation is wide open for new members!
Unfortunately doesn't fit any average joe to us. That we do say loud and clear! We have to admit our company has been very interesting and willful this far. Don't know if this is a coincident or not, but 80% of our members are with a higher education or are mastering one. And we must say, that IS a big plus.
We have given special attention for the member candidate to have some certain qualities from the beginning on. We wish, that our members would be somewhat alike, so one is not going to work against another with his opinions, principles or attitude. That's why we treasure some qualities more than others:

1. ability to talk
2. ability to think
3. wide field of view
4. ability to hold your ground
5. ability to express your thoughts (verbal and in writing)
6. abilities which could help other members, because we are a unified coterie in which everybody helps each other
7. personal value also outside of "OBV"

Besides that we value certain qualities there are a bunch of qualities that we don't like to see on a member candidate:
1. stupidity
2. limited thinking
3. uneducated (not in the meaning that you don't have an education. I know a lot of people with no proper education who are very interesting though they have only about six grade education. Please don't mix words “education” and “erudition”!)
4. being frowzy
5. lack of creative thinking or narrow mindedness
6. recreancy, being insidious or traitorous
7. being with a big mouth (especially in things that concern “OBV” outside of it)

And (of course) also all Satanic Sins.
So! If You would like to be a member of our Order be sure, that you have at least some of good qualities listed above and not more than one of bad ones. And if you're sure you're “cool” enough, then download e application, print it, fill by hand, add a photo, clip it together and write an ESSAY which subject is one of Satanic Statements. Now after all this you need to fill out a common application (Application. Please take me, Name, Middle, Last, for a member into Estonian Satanic Congregation “The Order of Black Venus”. date and signature.)

When filling up the application, please note that this is the thing that is going to set our decision. We have constructed the application the way that we could know the person without meeting him in person. It's reasonable to be sure if the person fits to us before accepting him, isn't it. We don't need nobody to feel uncomfortable because of somebody not fitting in. ! Answer every question as thorough as possible! There are many applications that we have rejected only because every question is answered with two or three words, although applicants ideas are interesting. But the thing that is interesting us is where are those ideas coming from and if we can't see that, then... Also, don't be afraid that we are going to reject you because your ideas aren't 100% the same as ours. If you can give your causes and are able to hold your grounds then there's no harm done.

Anywho, if you have filled out your application, written the essay(should be about 1A4 in length) and the common application, let us know and you'll been given a mail address where to post the papers.
After that your application and essay will come to discussion at the next board meeting, the decision will be made and you will be noticed about it.