Saatanlik Piibel (A.S.LaVey)SATANIC BIBLE
Anton Szandor LaVey

The heavy lifter of rational satanism. Mandatory reading for every satanist. Convenient for everyday to take with you (dimensions 150x105mm). Sold out for now!!! Translation of the book began 1999 and concerning that thanks to Jason, Bllah and Katrin Saaret. And also to Uncle Freddy from USA for solving money problems.

Saatan KõnelebSATAN SPEAKS !
Anton Szandor LaVey

The last book from the master, which was completed only a short time before his death in a catholic hospital(no hint here, it was just the closest to his home:). More than twenty thoughts on life and such, mostly dwelling about USA society's and his past. Though there is more than one thought, which could interest people around the world. Foreword from Marilyn Manson, introduction from Blanche Barton.

Saatan KõnelebSAATANLIK PIIBEL (2 print)
Anton Szandor LaVey

The first print of “The Satanic Bible” was sold out quickly, so we filled bookstores with the second print. In this case the book is bigger, binding and quality better.