Whoever you are and whatever is your purpose of coming here – be welcomed! Welcomed are both supportive missions and critics. We hope you get at least a little of what you hoped to get by coming here. Please inform our webmasters about possible problems: Astaroth (php/forum) or janMortis (html / graphics)

Website on its current form at current address was made at august 02. 2003 by two founding members of MVO (webmasters), who decided to tackle the work and overtake it from former webmaster who was busy with his wife and offspring. Since janMortis had bought a domain named, we just added a subdomain for MVO and so it was done. Why so? First: affords all kind of useful gadgets for webmasters what free domains (, etc) don’t have and second: the form of name is A LOT better than our last address And as it’s not a portal but just an informative website, you wont find here not enormous amounts of PHP functions (except the forum) nor graphically perfect solutions. At least for a beginning. This site is ascetic and simple. We hope you can use it without complaining too much.

Therefore be our quests, explore, read, visit our forum, questbook and IRC channel. As mentioned before, we welcome every positive or critical response (in polite forms). Concurrently we welcome every interesting “friendly” institutions and unions to whom we are eyesore or who just think that we are simple, young and stupid graverobbers who should be shot or just a gang whom they should invigilate.

We wish you a luck in your mission….hare satanas!