Nii omalooming, kui ka see, mis kõrvu/silma jäänud ja hinge loksutanud...


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Nii, selline värk, et ma läksin nüüd hoogu ja tuli tahtmine veic oma luuletusi siia üles riputada. Kuna eraldi kohta loomingu jaoks pole, siis panen siia.


So now, when birth has had an end
And sweet death bites her lips
I dwell again on mortal land
To keep the secrets of my age
The earth burnes in bright colours at day
To keep me from running away
And the cool moon sends it’s shadows
To cover my mortal shallowness
I dwell again on your land of tears
I catch the thin end of despair

The metamorphosis of my mind stopped
For I am not in chains of fears
I colour your motions in love and death
I give you hope from which you fade
The most powerful will has sent the rain
It dries you gently out of tears
And as I seek the frustrated me
Begin to wonder who I am and why
The earth which now beneath I crawl
Sends bitter truth in a bloody spawn



My heart wailes in embittering pain
That wretches my mind again and again
Pityless, astray you stay aside
Gleaming your eyes in a swallowing tide
My hopes, unburied, outnumbered they lay,
Hindered, murdered by my own bloodbound kin

When I fall you watch and stay
To name and count sternly the last of my sins
Have I not withered my hands in vain
Or cried for your battles fought insane
Stayed by your bed when time wrinkles and fades
In screams full of darkness you have followed my name
That in bittersweet haste has been thrown into stone
That I lay on now, unthanked, unblessed for
In your mighty shadow, between your embracing walls
Letting the ravens devour my flesh
I have been cast away

But still I call on you, daring you
Take my last wish and fight it asunder
Then thy pyre shall burn into my veins

And still I lay, in ruin, bewildered with pain
You my King, the sternest of all, I look for in dust
Then I miss the burning eyes in coldest of flames
For suffer in eternity my sweetest fear I must,
Gone are you, and I alone wince in foreverness, so shallow a dream.


(well it may seem funny but it was originally written as from Faramir to his father Denethor ("Lord of the Rings"))


Your seducement runs over my skin, hot
As milk
Why you made me, why I see you not?
You smell like silk, you hurt like wild rain
Thunder fills my head, flames eat my body
Cruel redemption, I taste it from you again
I spill my bloody tears on white satin sheets,
They dissapear
Our love and death, in midnight colours, end up
In a miserable tear



Sulle oma sydame…

Halastava näoga ingel lendas üle maalima
Ebakindel õnn kõlises mu sydames
Kui jumalad hakkavad mu sydant kaaluma
Ning põlengut täidab kõrvetav tüdimus

Ingel halastas maailmale tasapisi
Suuremeelsed teod häbistasid mind
Ma ei suutnud olla enam mitmekesi
Ingel peitis mind enda eest

Sind… Sind tahavad pilved ja kuud
Sind vaatavad puud ja talvised mäed
Mina… Ma tahaks küll midagi muud
Kuid ingel on julmalt sidunud mu käed

Verised käed on julmus ingli sydames
Kõrvetav kuumus külmus minu peas
Maailm on põlenud… tüdinud
Kõikide teiste ilmade seas

Verise näoga ingel lendas yle hävingu
Ennenägematu kindla nii abitu
Siis, kui jumalad on heitnud mind tulle
Las saadavad kõrbenud sydame Sulle.



Paperdoll fashion on my face
The unreal, unreasonable grace
That howl and blood and stones
crashing my bones crawling my ice
Is trash
Only made by you
Paperback covers of my memory
Will consume me and swallow
Leaving you back as a mockery
Wicked game in a handful of ice
Complete and torn are things apart
Comsume my letters written in a raging start
Consume my beautyful soul
Consume my trash
left alone with a summoning howl
And a pocket or spoonful of platonic slash



How I craved for your seducement
And tears to cry
Now I'm alone in the big white light
With a few mistakes to try
My lies weave you the hangrope
I deliberately spit on you my dirty old joke
But all the same I cry these useless tears
Full of regret, pity, pretending and fears
You love me, you need me, you'll lose me
My theatre of life is too big for you
Pathetic, useless, so shallow to try
You give me so much, do I have a due?
Must I pay for my theatre play?
You've become a trap out of usual prey
Another temptation, another flirtation
And in the end:
Only frustration
For the lost



Chasing the ravens in the deep blue night
Casting sullen shadows between your embracing walls
Teasing your concience till out of your sight
Daring subtle secrecy through the ancient halls

Gentle candlelight above my aching hands
Forgotten lullaby inside my aging heart
Threatening remembrance of reality
In every moment of quiet fidelity

I bow for your bless and humbly I ask -
For all the warming pain in my days of serenity
And breathless nights destined to infinity
Is this world going to end?

Raven 2003
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